Methods & Tools

The CHIA project addresses both cultural and technical research questions including how cultural data can be accessed and made available in a structured way by means of state-of-the-art semantic web technologies and tools (ontologies and thesauri), and new visual processing technologies including visual search and Artificial Intelligence. It further focuses on the methods for answering how cultural knowledge for a specific topic be gained in a structured methods and how these methods be generalised to other domains. 

To answer the above questions,  the project combines knowledge design methods, Semantic web technologies and Artificial Intelligence approaches in the area of cultural images related to the food domain. The technical implementation is oriented towards composing existing and new ontologies and thesaurus in a novel way to support a through description of the major aspects of the selected domain, building a knowledge graph using semantic annotation of the cultural images, utilising existing visual analytics tools to detect and represent the cultural contents of the target images, and building state-of-the-art search retrieval tools by incorporating Chatbots that interact with the users of the system.